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Shellie Turner

Shellie Turner

My name is Shellie Turner.  I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif.  Graduated from Susan Miller Dorsey High in 1975.  Attended Los Angeles City college, West Los Angeles City and UCLA for certificate course needed to qualify for a promotion to Full Charge Bookkeeper with Leventhal and Horwath for the next 7 years.  For the last 30 years I have continued in the field of accounting. Currently with Shapiro/ West & Assoc. for the past 20yrs.

I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, and I used to be proud to say that I had it twice and beat it twice! On February 21, 2020 after my annual CT scan, I got the call that started off with “I GOT GOOD NEWS.  AND I GOT BAD NEWS”.  I have Cancer again.  Number 3.  I have been a cheerleader for so many women.  I have supported them from diagnosis to the last day of treatment. I did a YOUTUBE segment where I highlighted the lives of women who had stories to tell.  I told my story. Worked with Susan G. Komen on several projects because I wanted to let everyone know we, survivors, had a voice.

I’m calling my current diagnosis an opportunity.  I’m ready to speak louder, listen and learn.

Watch Shellie’s testimonial video: