Project TEACH

Trained Empowered Advocates for Community Health

Empowering Black women through education and outreach to participate in and effectively engage with researchers and clinicians.

About the Course

A new tool for Black women across the country to learn more about their health and how to empower themselves and future generations

Steering Committee

Expressing unwavering commitment to the cause through guiding organizational vision and goals

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What People are Saying

“The regulatory process is designed to protect public health, it’s designed to save lives. As Black women, the more we know about it, the more we’re informed, the more we can take ownership over our own health, and the more we can help those within our own communities.”

Jacqueline Beale
BWHI TEACH Patient Advocate

“African American women can turn their advocacy into action throughout the clinical life cycle by making sure that we’re counted, by making sure we’re informed, by making sure that we ask questions, and by making sure that we pass this valuable information along to others that may need it.”

Charlotte Owens
Vice President and Head of the Center for Health Equity & Patient Affairs, Takeda

“Being involved means understanding, it means asking the right questions, it means not being afraid but being fearless in the quest for more informed care and better outcomes for Black women.”

Maimah Karmo
BWHI TEACH Patient Advocate