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Sharon Green

Sharon Green

Sharon Green is the Executive Director for Sisters Inspiring Sisters (SIS) In her role, Sharon works closely with the Board of Directors and oversees the operations of the program to ensure that Black teen girls receive holistic social and emotional resources and support on their journey to becoming resilient, health-conscious transformational leaders. Prior to leading the program, Sharon served as a member of the SIS Steering Committee and Program Consultant for 2 years. She was instrumental in partnering with Metropolitan Atlanta school systems as well as under-resourced communities in Meridian Mississippi and Tennessee, to expand the program to multiple schools and communities. Her innovative approach to the development of well-rounded Black girls resulted in SIS’s multi-pronged approach to include the home, school, and community.

In addition to SIS, she is a consultant and strategist for the SonRise Project, a space for parents with children struggling with mental wellness. You can listen to her on The SonRise Podcast on the OWN network along with other experts. Her personal experience with breast cancer inspired her to establish a patient advocacy program to support women of color who are experiencing breast cancer and to also serve as a steering committee member for Project TEACH, an educational program that raises awareness about cancer and clinical trials.

Sharon has over 25 years of impactful nonprofit and academic leadership experience. She is a scholastic champion for youth who are all too often overlooked and undervalued. Her personal and professional experiences, and her in-depth knowledge of educational processes, have made her a unique resource for families who want to explore healthy and practical pathways to achieve their academic and life goals. As an acclaimed academic consultant and the founder of BloomTree Inc., she leverages cutting-edge approaches to “Educate, Enrich, and Elevate the Whole Child”. Her insightful and unique coaching style to academic and parent coaching successfully addresses the challenges that families face with their children’s education and emotional development. Sharon is dedicated to providing families with the support and information they need to effectively navigate non-academic factors that may impede their progress, identify their goals, develop effective strategies to achieve them, and make choices that best fit their student’s academic, social, and emotional needs, wherever they are in their lives.

Sharon has a knack for using her personal experiences as an impetus to effect change for others. She incorporates her lived and learned knowledge and resources on mental wellness into cultivating a healthy educational, social and emotional pipeline to support Black youth.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, from Spelman College. She lovingly supports her three sons whom she homeschooled: a college freshman and two college graduates, one of whom is living with bipolar disorder. Sharon resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and takes pride in being a servant leader supporting the causes she is most passionate about, including youth development, women’s empowerment, and social justice.

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